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Nest anuncia su API para desarrolladores: Que empiece la fiesta

Comprobar la temperatura del salón desde el coche, encender el aire acondicionado justo cuando te despiertes o controlar el termostato desde un Logitech Harmony. Todo eso será posible gracias a las herramientas que Nest ha lanzado para los…

"Los que dicen que es imposible…No deberían molestar a los que lo están haciendo."
— Albert Einstein. (via mimayorplacer)

Algorithm searches for human actions in videos
by Olivia Solon,

An algo­rithm has been devel­oped to auto­mat­i­cal­ly recog­nise human ges­tures or activ­i­ties in videos in order to describe what is tak­ing place.

MIT post­doc Hamed Pir­si­avash and his for­mer the­sis advi­sor Deva Rem­anan from the…

Even limited to 25 mph, Google’s car will arrive faster than you think

Although the Google self-driving car pro­to­type revealed Tues­day night may look cute on the out­side and strange on the inside, it sig­nals that Google will soon face tough ques­tions about own­er­ship, insur­ance, and what it means to try to ta…

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